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Winter Garden

Posted December 30, 2013 By Suzanne Holland

My winter garden is coming along.

I have so enjoyed working in both the upper and lower

gardens past the times I usually do.

When we moved to this new home, my husband and I decided

we would try and keep the garden going all year.


We live in zone 8a, technically it is possible if you choose

your vegetables wisely.  Louisiana has mild but unpredictable

winters.   My beautiful Fall/Winter Tomatoes that were heavy

with fruit succumbed to an unexpected heavy freeze even though

they were in a green house.   Live and learn and begin again.

Which I did.

D’Uccles Soap Opera

Posted December 30, 2013 By Suzanne Holland

I have never been much for Soap Operas

But I do find that I get the biggest kick out of watching the

social life of poultry .

They are funny little creatures.

Right now , the best drama is in the d’Uccles  house.

Dylans Candy Bar

The hens have gone broody and the rosters are mad.

Just like any male (and all you gals out there know what I mean ),

d’Uccle roosters need lots of attention.

Sweet little guys by nature, but when not given enough attention,

they will let you know.  Percy let me know last week by nipping me on the

lip while petting him. Ouch!

Vintage Glass Ornaments

Posted December 23, 2013 By Suzanne Holland

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Vintage Glass Ornaments played a BIG part

in my childhood memory as far as Christmas is  concerned.

My mother was mad about them. She collected the hand blown ornaments

despite what my father thought. Her collection wasn’t big and it wasn’t impressive, but

it made an impression on me because I knew she loved them.   But she didn’t

Tractor Supply Company

hoard over them, she shared them with us children and if one dropped

and shattered (which they did on occasion)  we cleaned it up and went on.

Her love for them has fueled my love for them.  Most of her collection was disposed

of  when she passed (That is another story).  But my husband and I have spent

years now slowly collecting duplicates that we can find via the internet and antique stores.

We have also started a tradition with our children of buying a new hand blown ornament

for each of them as we find ones that match their personalities.

I love how people have taken photographs of their collections and posted them.

I need to do the same, but for now I will enjoy their handiwork.


Merry Christmas!

A Favorite Icon

Posted December 22, 2013 By Suzanne Holland

As a young lady finishing up my schooling and apprenticeship well over

25 years ago, I had well established in my mind, my favorite  designers,

styles, and Fashion Icons.

It certainly help forge the direction I took as a Couturier and what

type of Clients I Catered to.

Sur La Table logo

While I did live in New York for awhile, the bulk of my time has been spent

here in the South, with my clients flying in to see me.

Family takes center stage now.  Being a Couturier and meeting the high demands

of that profession is defiantly a “Single Gals” gig.

One of my All time favorite Icons is

Audrey Hepburn.  Her grace and beauty is timeless. I

remember watching “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” as a girl with my mother

and then years later, making the dress I loved so much from that movie

for a client, per her request.  The designs Ms. Hepburn wore are classic even

today.  One of my clients, who looked very much like Audrey Hepburn,  wore

nothing but clothes fashioned after Hepburn’s style.

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