Planning a Girly-Girl’s Birthday

Posted June 11, 2014 By Suzanne Holland


Alice is turning eleven!

If ever there was a “Girly Girl” it would be my Alice

( well I have to include my Lily too)

I have some Girls in my house.  There is no mistake what they are and they

consider themselves in charge.

Alice has been in full force for weeks now thinking and re- thinking her birthday.

She wants a small one this year because she is saving the “Big Bang” for when she turns

twelve and is middle school.

I think we have it now.  The invites are made and ready post.  We are going to focus on

making body spa goodies like bath salts, fairy dust powder, and lip gloss,

Manis and Pedis are on the agenda along with a chocolate dipping fondue.

Followed up with girly movies and popcorn drizzled with butter or caramel.

A Girly Girl’s dream!

I will post pictures of the event.


Fathers Day

Posted June 11, 2014 By Suzanne Holland

Fathers Day is a big event for my husband.

His birthday often falls on the same day, so he was a great  Fathers Day

present for his father oh so many years ago.   But the best thing is when we started our

family (we have four and we had our boys first) he said he wanted two girls . I

complied.   His first, Alice was born June 18th the day after his and our second

December 12th the day after mine.  How is that for planning?  So there is lot

to celebrate around here come Fathers Day.

Chris is so hard to buy for. He usually ask for and gets black socks and Ginger Bread

Cookies. The  recipe for my yummy Gingerbread. Cookies is in my Recipe Box.

Chris did make one request this year.  He bought these really cute cookie cutters

from World Market that will allow him to place the cookie on the side of his

coffee cup.

Super Cute!!!!



Barred Holland Breed

Posted June 7, 2014 By Suzanne Holland


The Barred Holland is one of the rarest American Breeds of Poultry.

It was developed by a professor at Rutgers University so the small homestead farmer

could compete with the big guys at market when white eggs came into fashion.

You see, Barred Hollands were developed to be meat chickens that lay white eggs.

As trends came and went,  the Barred Holland was soon not the hottest thing on the

market and people’s interest turned else where.

My family has decided to help in the redevelopment of this great breed.

The lack of interest and care has been at a great cost to the breed.  The Barred Holland

has fallen below SOP and very few lines were actually laying white eggs.

Well our Barred Hollands are doing great.    We are on our third generation.  They are

laying nice white eggs of a generous size.   Their coloring and feather pattern is just

and their weight is improving very well.

I have made a page here on this site where you can learn about the Breed and follow

our flocks progress and I have developed a a community page on Face book where

people can share, learn, talk about etc.

Come on over to Barred Holland Breed on Facebook

you can get there by going through my parishfarmgirlFacebook page.



Alice the Photographer

Posted June 3, 2014 By Suzanne Holland


My daughter Alice, who is ten (she will be 11 June 18th) took this photograph.

Isn’t it just beautiful?

I have to agree with my husband who said when he first saw it, ” It looks fake”.

Alice is in talented art at school but she has also in the 4-h photography club.

She spends a fair amount of time tinkering with my Nikon camera.

I have enjoyed watching her talents grow and look forward to seeing even more

beautiful photographs like this one.


West Feliciana Schools

Posted June 1, 2014 By Suzanne Holland

Calling One and All

On Saturday June 7
The West Feliciana Education Fund
Is hosting it’s FIRST work day for all of the WFP Schools.
We will gather at Bains Elementary at 8am and disperse in
groups to the separate schools for basic maintanance, such as
cleaning, painting etc.
This is a great opportunity for us as individuals and as a community
to make our schools even better and safer for our children in
a personal way. Your time.

Donuts and Coffee will be provided.

For more information call:


Lavender Fields

Posted May 29, 2014 By Suzanne Holland


I fell in love with lavender when I was in Provence.

The air was heavy with the fragrance of it. The hills were covered with rows of that divine

flower.  How lucky to wake up ever morning and look out your window and see an

ocean of  lavender surrounding you and to have that scent envelope you and everything

around you.   My husband has worked really hard to help me build my lavender beds

here in Louisiana.  It can be tricky to grow it here because of the weather (hot and

humid) and the soil has to be amended a great deal.   We have started out small and I

do believe we’ve got it.  My lavender looks very happy.  So my husband said he is going

to start the prep work for more soon.

This water color I painted is for a “Mail Art” trade I am participating in.  I am including

fresh dried lavender from garden too!


It’s Raining Outside

Posted May 28, 2014 By Suzanne Holland

Spring Rain

Makes the Flowers Grow!

image image image image image image


May Day! May Day! Life is Going too Fast!

Posted May 1, 2014 By Suzanne Holland

Sorry….I just couldn’t resist doing a play on words there.

Today marks a bitter sweet moment for me.

Today, my first born goes to high school for his very last day.

i was just bringing home from the hospital yesterday, wondering if I had

what it took to be a good mom.   I was so scared.  My mom had passed away

two years prior to that.   I had the support of some dear Christian friends  but

the reality of was, I was a single mother at that point because my then husband

had walk out the door when I was eight weeks pregnant.


But,  God had a bigger plan.  Through one of my wonderful clients,

he brought my husband Chris into my life.  Chris adored Andrew from

the first and since there had never been any contact from my ex. at all , when

we married, Chris was able to adopt  Andrew.

I could not be prouder of Andrew.  He is a wonderful young man.  Very

talented and smart.   He has worked very hard to do well in school.

I love you my first born.


Owl or Hawk?

Posted April 27, 2014 By Suzanne Holland


Ok, along with the Fox and Coon, for those who read my post, I have had another critter scare the hoo-ha out of me

You know….maybe I am going to need that little kidney stone break.

Last night, even though I felt like crumb, I had one of those command performances.

You know what I mean…..the In-Laws call and want to take everyone to dinner.  You have to go, even if you REALLY don’t want to.

I thru -up on the way home I was in so much pain.

But it is over with now.

This is biddy season and we have hatches , hatching all the time.  I have an outside brooder  with  feathered biddies I needed to do final check on.

As I turned the corner I had feather and wing in my face. For a flash…..and then it was gone.  I told Chris I thought it was an owl, but I was not sure.

Today, Chris came home from running our 12 year old son to confirmation class, and asked me to quietly com outside.  Sitting on my garden fence was a beautiful fierce looking bird.  We were able to get pretty close. I can’t decide if it is a baby hawk or a baby owl.  It was able to turn it’s head all the way around.

Take a look at the picture and tell me what you think.


Sleepless In St Francisville

Posted April 27, 2014 By Suzanne Holland

I awoke Wednesday night to the most excruciating pain since going into labor for my four kids.  In fact, I was dreaming that I was in labor.  When I woke up, I laid there waiting for the pain to dissipate. It did not.

 I got up and walked around, took some pain medicine.  Nothing helped.

My husband ,by this point has been alerted to my pain, because of my moving around.

I have to admit, I had very lovely Dr’s when I gave birth to my children. None of them believed in pain for the mother and gave me me epi way before the contraction ever got too too bad.

The pain I was experiencing fully made up for me getting to skip out before,……I am sure of it.

I wanted to die.  I am pretty sure I asked Chris to do that for me at some point in the night.  Come morning,  things got better.  Chris was convinced I had pulled a muscle working in my garden all day.

I rested all day.

Come night fall….the beast returned.

The pain was more intense and covered a little more area. Another night of no sleep, a lot of crying, and soaking in a hot tub.

The next morning my husband texted our good friend Dr. Bobo.   She was kind enough to take quick action and get me in and the ball rolling. (Plus she had magic med. To make the pain go away)

Well….guess what even though I do not fit any of the typical profiles for it and I showed no other symptoms other than pain, it turns out that I have not one, not two, but three kidney stones.   One we will dismiss— it is tiny.

One is fairly large but just floaty around, but one….

is very large and has lodged its self in the duct.

Hence the intense pain.

So on my agenda this week….Lithotripsy.

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