Chicken Craze

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I really love my chickens.

I think they are the coolest little guys ever.

Becoming an APA/ABA  Poultry Judge is something I would like to pursue,

but it is going to be a long road.  First of all,  the only showing of chickens I have done is

helping my  daughter show her chickens.   I am a member of the APA, which is one of the requirements.

Three years of membership and a list of other things.  The most important part though is a broad and in

depth knowledge of poultry inside and out.   So I think to help myself get ready for the task,

I am going to use this page to share information about poultry as I research

and find the information.  I will post the APA standards and post pictures of the

differents breeds.    I hope you will enjoy.

I will start with the American Class.

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