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How Was Your Valentines?

Posted February 15, 2014 By Suzanne Holland

imageAs I said before, I love Valentines.  It makes me think of  everything I love, not just my Sweetheart—-who I love a whole bunch.

Chris really out did himself this year making me feel loved.  We have as a couple been so stressed out.  His job was on the block this year , but God provided him with a new – even better job.  That required him to be out of town for two weeks — in Chicago during the vortex.  But my sweet took the time to shop for beautiful yarn for me to crochet and knit with just because he knows it makes me happy.

This week has been so busy.   The girls were sick the first part of the week.  I had Garden Club.   Aidan had baseball every afternoon and Thursday night we had a family night at school, so we didn’t get home until late, but I still had 75 sugar cookies to finish because my three youngest children give those out with their Valentines at school.   Chris always stays up with me when I have project like that going on… keep me company.    The cookies came out cute, but I forgot to take pictures.  I have a picture of one of the Ok looking ones in my Recipe Box along with my Sugar Cookie Recipe.  The really cute ones looked very 1920′s Flapper Girl/Mustache Man.

After being up most of the night with me on the cookie quest, Chris got up early and me Breakfast in bed.   He gave three white roses for my bathroom,  a dozen red roses for our bed room, and a box of Dark Chocolates (my favorite ).  Chris is a very gifted writer Unlike me, and he wrote my a beautiful poem in the card he gave too.

And on top of everything else, he brought supper home from one of our favorite restaurants so we would not have to cook.   No going out,  you ask?   Well I spent all day driving 2.5 hrs. one way to New Orleans to take our oldest child to see his Dr.  and the closet restaurant to our house that is worth the trouble is an hour away.  Bringing the restaurant home was so much more romantic to me.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

I have a very sweet, thoughtful romantic husband who made this Valentines very special for me.

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Vintage Glass Ornaments

Posted December 23, 2013 By Suzanne Holland

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Vintage Glass Ornaments played a BIG part

in my childhood memory as far as Christmas is  concerned.

My mother was mad about them. She collected the hand blown ornaments

despite what my father thought. Her collection wasn’t big and it wasn’t impressive, but

it made an impression on me because I knew she loved them.   But she didn’t


hoard over them, she shared them with us children and if one dropped

and shattered (which they did on occasion)  we cleaned it up and went on.

Her love for them has fueled my love for them.  Most of her collection was disposed

of  when she passed (That is another story).  But my husband and I have spent

years now slowly collecting duplicates that we can find via the internet and antique stores.

We have also started a tradition with our children of buying a new hand blown ornament

for each of them as we find ones that match their personalities.

I love how people have taken photographs of their collections and posted them.

I need to do the same, but for now I will enjoy their handiwork.


Merry Christmas!

My Christmas Joy

Posted December 20, 2013 By Suzanne Holland

This year we are really trying to re-focus our children.

Christmas is about giving,  not receiving.  We have always

encouraged our children to make gifts and this year on their own

they are.   These are the best.   They mean so much more.

I love the sweet little gifts they make at school and instead of buying gifts for teachers and friends

I Love Crossstitch

 we make cookies ( sugar and ginger bread).

I have  the recipes in my recipe box.

My kids teachers actually ask for these cookies they are

so yummy.

Holiday Time at The Holland House

Posted December 3, 2012 By Suzanne Holland

I LOVE the Holidays!!!! and now that we have finally finished our new home, I can breathe again.  My husband, who usually tries to put off the tree “thing” until the last possible minute, actually switched gears this year on us.  Off to the tree farm we went just a day or so after Thanksgiving.

I think Thanksgiving might just be my favorite though.  I love to cook.  Chris and I spend the evening before cooking together.  the kids are old enough now to pitch in and help and they love to cook. We go as a family  to town in search of the biggest turkey we can fine.  It is a game for us.  The gold is a 24lb. Turkey.  We have a house full every year.  I get so tickled watching my four kids turn those big birds over looking for the perfect one.

We would really like to raise our on “Tom”.  We now have the perfect place to do so.  But the kids and I are so attached to our chickens that Chris said we would never be able to eat “Tom”.  He is probably right.

But on to Christmas now…The tree is decorated with tiny lights and beautiful funky hand made ornaments and antique glass ornaments.  I love the contrast.  My kids help with every step.  That is the best part for me.
They help make my husband’s favorite Gingerbread Cookies (which he hides in his closet so nobody can eat but him)…..yes I make two batches so the kids can have some too.

Each day we unpack something else that adds to the Holiday enjoyment.


Pictures coming


Posted March 17, 2010 By Suzanne Holland
Shamrocks have been symbolic of many things over the years. According to legend, the shamrock was a sacred plant to the Druids of Ireland because its leaves formed a triad, and three was a mystical number in the Celtic religion, as in many others. St. Patrick used the shamrock in the 5th century to illustrate the doctrine of the Holy Trinity as he introduced Christianity to Ireland. Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

“Wearin’ o’ the green”

The shamrock became symbolic in other ways as time went on. In the 19th century it became a symbol of rebellion, and anyone wearing it risked death by hanging. It was this period that spawned the phrase “the wearin’ o’ the green”. Today, the shamrock is the most recognized symbol of the Irish, especially on St. Patrick’s Day, when all over the world, everyone is Irish for a day!

The original Irish shamrock (traditionally spelled seamróg, which means “summer plant”) is said by many authorities to be none other than white clover (Trifolium repens), a common lawn weed originally native to Ireland. It is a vigorous, rhizomatous, stem-rooting perennial with trifoliate leaves. Occasionally, a fourth leaflet will appear, making a “four-leaf clover,” said to bring good luck to the person who discovers it.

The above is an interesting excerpt I found on another site.

My husband and I have enjoyed helping our children, who are very interested in our Irish heritage, research where our ancestors came from.
The Irish family name that I bring to table comes from County Donegal. Both of my husbands parents have an Irish Family back ground.  One coming from County Antrim and one from County Cavan. All three are in the Province of Ulster and Counties Antrim and Donegal are part of Northern Ireland and are both on the Northern Irish Coast.


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