Leaving On A Jet Plane

My husband left yesterday for a two week business trip in Naperville, IL just

outside Chicago.  I will be a single mom to four during that time and my two little girls woke

up sick this morning. Not the thing you want tell a doting Dad and Husband when he calls at the crack of dawn

to wake everyone for school and say  “I love you”.   But we will be off to see our dear friend,

who is also our Dr. this afternoon and everything will be fine.

Tractor Supply Company

Now if we could make the two weeks go super fast.

The last time my husband went out of town on business he spent his free time hunting shops

out that had cute chicken stuff and beautiful wool yarn.

He came back with the most wonderful things.   He has great taste.  He always buys something

pretty for me to wear and then something for the kitchen and of course the kids get super cool stuff too!

But do you know what he brings home that I love the best?


My Sweet

My Chris


Crocs, Inc.
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