d’Uccle Update

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We’ll the “Girls” are doing Great!

They are  3 days into their hatching (they went broody in the same egg box at different times over a week time span)

Strange I know— but it looks like these Gals are in it for the long haul.

Now that is what I call “Farm Girl Sister Hood”

and I think they should be our mascots.

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Here are some updated photographs.  I added a nursery to see if they

would take to it and they did.  They moved the chicks over and put one mom

in charge.  She actually has 5 or 6 more under her wings taking a nap.

The other moms come out in turn to take breaks for food, water and bathroom,

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but then straight back.

The chicks are sooooo cute!   Thankfully the weather is warming back up

and they will be able to go back out real soon.

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