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Just Like Spring….I am Late

Posted April 7, 2010 By Suzanne Holland

Lily picked her number from the Cozy Bowl!
Diane Please Email me through my Etsy Shop so I can send your
Cozy Bowl to you!
Thank you all for your Lovely comments.
and for being patient while my family and I moved this past week-end further out to the country. I will have some wonderful new post coming over the next few weeks and months about our new stomping ground and the house we are building.

April Give Away!!!

I just LOVE “Lily of Valley” and when I came across this yummy textile I just had to have it
A wonderful Navy Blue Heavy Cotton with Creamy Colored “Lily of the Valley” bouquets embroidered all over.  This  “Cozy Bowl” is perfect for Spring.
I have the “Cozy Bowl” sitting on  an antique Mangle Press that sits
in our front yard c.late 1800′s

Leave a comment and at the end of the month, I will have my Lily draw a number from the “Cozy Bowl”.
Good Luck!!! and Happy Spring!!!!

PINK FOR FEELING SILLY at not giving this info.
Mangle Cloths were used through-out Europe to protect fine Linens and Lace while running them through the Mangle Press.  The Fine Linens and Lace were Sandwiched between two Mangle Clothes or one folded in half and then cranked through the rollers. OUCH!  Mangles were also used as table clothes.
 Very Multi-Purpose.

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