Sooooo Ready For Spring


It is foggy out this morning, but the temp. is 58º and rising, so the fog will be burning off soon.  The expected high today is 76 º. Yeah!!!  I went to a Garden Club Meeting last Thursday and the guest speaker was from The Baton Rouge Herb Society. She was wonderful.  I have a lovely herb garden, but I am no where near as knowledgeable as her.  They had plants for sale and of course I stocked up on a few of my favorites.  It was warm  and sunny yesterday so I started getting my garden cleaned and prepped from the new additions.  My broccoli is still producing and the spinach looks great along with the cabbage.  The carrots are coming along nicely.  I think the main things that really need to be done are tidying up and soil amending.  

I did learn a really great trick for my Lavender.  So for my Lavender is doing pretty well but I would like it to do  even better.  Lavender struggles in Louisiana because of the wet conditions.  I have mine high on a hill with great drainage and plenty of breeze, so it is pretty happy,  I am going to take her advice and not just amend the soil but add lime stones to the soil and cover the top of the soil completely with the lime stones.

So may great things ahead.  My daffodils have started blooming.  My tomato plants are growing like crazy in my kitchen window, just waiting for a chance to go outside.  I have herb plants and seeds to plant.   Veggie seeds to plant.   Come on Spring……

I have a lot to do and  I need you to co-operate.

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