It Takes A Village–Even If Your A Chicken

Well the freeze down here in the south has taken all of us to task.  We are really cold.

This is the coldest it has been in over 100 years.  My husband left the outside faucets dripping which is the

common thing to do during cold weather snaps here.  Imagine my husbands surprise when he

found an upside down icicle come morning. What a hoot.

Well the cold weather did not stop my little mommas. They huddled together through the night

and yesterday morning I heard the first sweet “tweet, tweet, tweet”

I don’t know if you have ever had the privilege to see a newly hatched mille fleur d’Uccle chick, but

they are so cute.  They remind me of fuzzy pop corn. Much smaller than standard size chicks (the eggs are about 1/4 – 1/3

the size). They are very active and bouncy.  They come with feathers already on their feet.

So my husband left out right behind the kids getting on the bus and he was not privy to all the excitement.

All the mommas are in one egg box believe it or not and

that egg box is a  nice big portable egg box that I had for one of my standards.

So I moved the girls and the babies inside.

…….and when I say inside, I mean into my nice big 1940′s style bathroom where they can be cozy

and messes are easy to clean up.

(My husband was not thrilled about this arrangement–Oh well–Moms do what they have to do)

I am just so amazed at how well these six hens work together all crammed into this egg box.

They actually have a system going.  One hen is  watching for pips and as the egg progresses she rolls it over to the next.

All the chicks hatched so far have been helped out by the same hen and cleaned up by the another hen.  All of the chicks are

now under the supervision of the two hens on the far left of the box.

The hens are very sweet and gentle.  They will let you pick the chicks up and they themselves like being petted.

If you put a chick down on the wrong side of the box. within minutes they have maneuvered him to where

he should be. back on the left side.

It takes a village  even if you are a chicken!

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