New Year– Time to Organize

C.O. Bigelow
My Favorite Kitchen Friends

My Favorite Kitchen Friends

The new year brings an urge in me to clean and organize. Lucky for me it does the same to my husband. I usually start with the kitchen because it takes such a beating over the holiday. As I was going through the utensil drawers this morning I came across some of my favorite “kitchen friends”.
I have very small hands and have found through the years that the Big knives my husband prefers just don’t cut it for me.

I find it really hard to stay away from Sur La Table. I would rather go there than a clothes store or textile store and I am a Couturier. Probably because my other self loves to cook and bake and immerse myself into all things yummy.

Which brings us to the trips to Sur La Table when I slowly started building my collection of favorites.
Kuhn Rikon makes these incredible tools. I started with one small really sharp knife. I was hooked.
Next came the more than awesome can opener. Then another knife and on to the veggie peeler. I am not saying you can’t use these if you have Big hands(my husband is hooked on them too), it is just a really great thing for me….and they come in super fun colors.
The latest item is from Zyliss. I have 4 kids–I make a lot of sandwiches. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to clean out that last little bit of Nutella from the jar or spread the sandwich even and cut through the layers without destroying the sandwich. Not anymore. My cute little orange sandwich knife from Sur la Table has fixed all that.

We’ll let me get back to organizing and cleaning. I know for sure these guys are staying.
If you are cleaning/organizing too, I hope you are successful and having fun!

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