Thinning Onions and Carrots

When you sow onion and carrot seeds, at some point you

will have to thin them out to insure a healthy productive crop.

Carrot and Onion seeds are tiny and my eye sight is not so great.

I do pretty good getting the little buggers in a straight row.

When it comes time to thin, patience is the key.

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        With the onions, I carefully scoop up a small clump, roots and all.

                Then you will need to separate each onion with its roots attached out

and lay it to the side to be replanted in its own spot.

With carrots you can not use the same method.

The seeds are tiny and I plant them in straight little rows.

When they are big enough for me to work with (2-3″) I

Best Buy Co, Inc.

start the thinning out process.  Carrots can not be transplanted because

it ruins the root.  This is the first thinning.  I may thin more

depending on their size and growth pattern.

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