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The Bees Have It

I have always been fascinated with the life of bees.
When we were planning and then subsequently building
our home, my husband and I often talked about the possibility 
of getting Honey Bees.
The subject was put to the side when we got overly busy with kids, gardens, 
and the ever growing poultry population.
The main concern was the implementation of the vegetable 
garden installations and the flower beds.
Now that they are well established, we can
revisit the idea of setting up an Apiary. 
So between now and Spring I will begin to research 
information on setting up an Apiary and where to 
by Honey Bees.  
I will post the info. gather here so other people looking will have a go to 
place to compare.

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  1. Comment by Kristina:

    We’ve thought about it too, but we are surrounded by farm fields that spray chemicals. Not sure our bees would be making healthy honey if we did.

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