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Snake or Vinca Vine?

Posted February 6, 2012 By Suzanne Holland

I HATE snakes!
I have nightmares about them.
and isn’t this winter? I thought snakes were cold-blooded and had to
stay dormant or something during the cold weather months.
So WHY was this little fella crawling around in the dirt and leaves
where I was planting Vinca Vines on the embankment in front of my new
house that is being built?
Just to scare the hoo-ha out of me that’s why.
Apparently he never got the memo on the do and don’ts of
Snake-isms.  He was obviously out of line.
But , I was determined to get my Vinca planted. After all I have over 1500 plugs
to get in the ground.  So….after I caught my breath and picked up my stomach, I moved to another part of the embankment and continued on. 
 I will let my husband do that section –He isn’t afraid of snakes. the way, this is NOT a Coral Snake but a Milk Snake. So my life was not in danger.

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