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Azaleas–The Southern Princess

Posted January 29, 2012 By Suzanne Holland
I almost missed something great yesterday.  How?  Well for the past few weeks our life has soooo hectic.  We are having to move from one lease house to another  (this weekend) because the one we have been leasing, while we build
 is being sold…and the heat doesn’t work.
Needless to say with everything going on and everyday life I have been STRESSED OUT.  Well in the middle of trying to fit everything in, I had  meeting that lasted extra long, a Father-in-Law that I caught just in time before he had the framers change the front facade of my house (he likes to BUTT in a lot)and I missed my post date for a shipment because of the meeting I was really aggravated and I still had to go home to start moving.  I wanted to cry…but instead I took a deep breath slowed the car down and enjoyed the country road and  sunshine.
Then it happened.
I was going slow enough to see the first Azaleas emerging.   
For those who have never seen the delicate and beautiful Azalea, I encourage you to plan an early Spring vacation down south.  St. Francisville has  large collections of Azaleas and Camellias.
Afton Villa Gardens is one of my places to bring the children in the Spring.

A Few Back Ground Words

Posted January 26, 2012 By Suzanne Holland
Long ago when I started this Blog, I am sure I must have made some mention about how wonderful my husband is and how different we are and how much bull we take from each other. 
I am sure I wrote something about that…..but I am not going to go and search for it because I don’t have time. I am the mom of four and wife of one.  So lets just start fresh.
The dynamics in our house are very interesting.
I think we may cover the full spectrum.  My husband is a Nuclear Chemist with a MBA who has come out of the Lab to work in Management. He went to college on a full athletic scholarship and was not only a decathlete but played football as a receiver…(very gifted)
By the way he stands 6’1″–220lb to my 5’3″ 110lb (mutt and jeff)
I, on the other hand,am a Couturier.  I have spent the last 20+ years designing and making wedding dresses and formals for women.  My clients came all the way from Hawaii to Germany and California to New York. It was rewarding and fun. I was an A  student in school. I did very well for someone who only cared about the Art and History classes. I was top notch during my apprenticeship because that is where I wanted to be.  I work with Antique and Vintage Textiles now because they are my real passion.  I grew up under the tutelage of my mother, Alice. She her self was a RN and very well educated.  She grew up on a farm and had a very unique perspective on life.
She taught me how to sew, cook, knit, crochet, embroidery, quilt, garden, we did 4-H, she taught me how to compost, how to re-cycle, the list goes on.
She gave me my love for travel and adventure and I think she might have passed her sass onto me also.
My husband seems to think so.
So….see  my kids really got some mix didn’t they?
Oh by the way…I hate football  and my Father in Law coached for 42 years.
So here is the CREAM!
I utterly adore my husband and he adores me.
My friends and his are always so shocked when they find out the kinda of stuff he does.
He is the fella who gets up in the middle of the night and changes the baby and then brings the little bundle to me to nurse so I wouldn’t have to get out of bed.  He is the guy who will sleep on the floor next to our sick kids bed because he doesn’t want me to clean vomit up.  He is the guy that hasn’t let me clean a bathroom since we met (he does it with special stuff –remember he is a science guy) because he doesn’t want me and now the kids anywhere near it.  He does laundry and dishes and helps clean.  He is Super Man. 
He is the guy who will send me and a friend to town to eat  and shop while watches the kids. He has even cooked for me and a friend who needed to come over for girl chat.  He cooked and did the kids while we visited and then he came and joined us . It was nice.  He indulges my flower and bulb addiction.  He buys me lots and lots of very pretty things to wear.
So where is the Bull I mentioned and what am I doing for him right?  Well he really should be the one answering the second part of the question.  Our marriage is a partnership.  We take care of each other. The house stuff we do together (except for the bathrooms). We are both great at different things.  It has taken a while to figure that out.  I am the one who faces things head on and digs deeper.  He likes to avoid things as long as possible and hopefully it will just work itself out (except dirty bathrooms)
I read people better and over the years he has come to trust that.  I have not been wrong yet.  
My husband is diabetic. One of my close friends is his Dr. and she an I work together to keep his stubborn bum on track (he is a bad patient).  Chris (husband)  in case you have not figured it out yet is very very HIGH energy.  He is like the Energizer Bunny on crack.  I am his calming pill that he doesn’t always want to take even though he knows he needs too.  He was so upset when we got the news that he too was diabetic (family trait on his side). He is scare of needles–he passes out.  So testing everyday and insulin was going to be a big deal.  And it was.  So we made a plan.  We restructured diet, exercise, etc. and within two months he had weaned off insulin and he in now just taking pills to control his levels and it is working.
A lot of prayer when into to this too. Everyday.
Not his car he just wants it. I don’t think so!

 Ok, this is Chris and Suzanne —-Chris was just a tad too heavy right before he found out he was diabetic.

Chris, My solid rough and rugged Irish man! I love him so!

The Holland House Begins

Posted January 26, 2012 By Suzanne Holland

For two years now I have been in a Funk I think. Trapped in a kinda of House Building Limbo.

My husband and I made the decision, after searching long and hard for the perfect place to build a home for
our four children and our Maine Coon Cat, Gussy to build at beautiful Lake Rosemound.

The property was perfect. Just the right size for the farm house we had plans drawn up for, a garden (flower and veggie, chickens, etc. The kids would have a place to run and play in the fresh air and it wasn’t to far from my husbands work.

So, we leased a house near the property so we could settle the kids and be near the construction—-and two days before closing on the property we find out that the owner had “misrepresented” the property and we would have to start our search all over.
So we did. The new property is still here at Lake Rosemound and you know what? Now that it is cleared it is actually a better piece than the first one. This whole process has taken believe it or not 2 years.

We closed on the property in July but it needed a great amount of work. My husband has seen me watch bulb planting season pass by year after year during this process, so this year I think he was relieved to see me and my little girls planting over 1000 bulbs in the front part of the property. FREE SAMPLES

So today it officially begins. I picked up our building permit this morning and my Father in Law brought his guys over to shoot
the grade. They will be back bright and early tomorrow morning to start the forms.

And yes my front yard is full of bright yellow happy daffodils and I will be planting the rest of my 1200 vinca vine plugs tomorrow and transplanting items that I received from friends that need a new home.

I will began posting pictures of the progress so stay tuned. Be sure to check out the different pages because I will be adding there too.

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