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Sharing Our Childhood with Our Kids

Posted May 31, 2010 By Suzanne Holland
I snagged this photo from online because I didn’t have my camera with me last night. I will replace it with my own soon though.
My husband and I were so excited last night when we where driving the kids home from a LOOONG day of being in town.  Church,  dance recital practice, then a much needed grocery store run, adds up to a
 very tired family.
  Growing up (both of us were somewhat in rural areas) we remember seeing Lighting Bugs every Summer.  What fun it was to try and catch them in a jar. One of my most favorite books, that I still read to my children (Miss Susie) is about a Squirrel who uses Lighting Bugs to light her house.
Well last night, while driving down the beautiful, long, tree lined roads and lanes to our home at Lake Rosemound, the air absolutely came alive  with light. It was magical!
I haven’t seen a Lighting Bug since I was a child. My husband either.
Our children were so thrilled as we made our way down the winding roads, seeing the night sky light up like little tiny diamonds.
It was a wonderful childhood memory for my husband and I to share together with our four kids.

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