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"Audubon Spring Pilgrimage"

Posted February 15, 2010 By Suzanne Holland

Well I have to say, there is nothing sweeter than watching littler girls  dressed in 1820′s frocks complete with pantalettes and ballet slippers dancing around the May Pole. The girls  start in first grade as a Sweet Maid and work their way up to the May Pole Dance as they get older.

Alice (who is in the first grade) starts her Pilgrimage Tradition this year. She is so excited. Lily wants so much for it to be her turn too. We have had a lovely time collecting vintage laces and fabrics for their dresses. Yes, I said dresses. I will make Lily a dress to wear around town to see her sister dance.  She will fit right in.

I look forward to the beautiful flowers that the Spring weather brings. I am looking forward most of all to seeing my girls beaming faces, as they are all dressed up in their old fashioned clothes. 

Learn more about the “Audubon Spring Pilgrimage” at the link below.

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