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My Hubby Surprised Us With A Get Away To Natchez!

Posted April 24, 2009 By Suzanne Holland

Original Family Loom c. 1800′s

Hello from the
Indian Village

12ft Hand carved Windows
at Long Wood

Yes, We have four blue eyed Blondie’s!

The fish really were jumping out of the water for the bread!

Hand Carved Wood! Not Plaster

Is this beautiful or what?

My sweetie and the two princesses!


We so enjoyed our surprise get away to Natchez. My sweet husband, who is never ever able to break away, surprised the kids and I with a quick get away to a B and B in Historic Natchez. We stayed at Cedar Grove in the Old School House Miss Lou.

The kids were in heaven. A BIG country breakfast every morning and then straight down to the pond to feed the fish. Wonderful nature trails. Rolling hills and beautiful scenery everywhere. We visited an old Indian Site which I have added pictures of . We also visited Long Wood, the worlds largest octagonal house. Built in the 1800′s. Only the bottom floor was finished because of the war. I couldn’t take pictures of the finished areas, but they let me take pictures of the unfinished floors. The architecture is stunning.

Country Life!

Posted April 24, 2009 By Suzanne Holland

My husband and I have decided that country life is the best for us and our four rambunctious children. The small town, the fresh air and friendly faces are great for the kids. We live in the heart of the historic part of town, so it very easy for our oldest son to ride his bike to art lessons every week. Ball practice for the second oldest is a two minute car ride to the park.
There are always family friendly things to do. The kids enjoy playing in our yard that is filled with huge 100 year old Oak trees, and Magnolias.
My husband is a Bio-Chemist/ Nuclear-Chemist (wow) and I am a Designer/Couturier –Our childeren are an interesting combination to watch.
I started making the cute little sandwich bags per my husband’s request to break to kids wasteful ziplock habit. So……I came up with something that made everyone happy. Looks and function for the kids. Fiber content my husband and I agreed on.
Now, on to the next request. Chris wants water proof, food safe bags with oraganic outer shells for camping.
Coming soon……….

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