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Posted January 6, 2017 By suzanne

Wet , Cold and Dreary

That is what the weather man is predicting.

I on the other hand am predicting

warm, sweet and delicious

with plenty of cinnamon goodness!

Cold weather makes me want to bake

and this makes my kids


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Cathedral Windows

Posted December 28, 2016 By suzanne

The “Cathedral  Window” is a beautiful quilt pattern.

It is certainly a different twist on everyday quilting techniques.

It was also one of my Mother’s favorite and she is the one who taught

me how to make it.

My mom’s birthday is right around the corner, so I thought I would

make something to remember her with.

My Lavender Pillow is a nice way to incorporate this pattern into your

decor , without committing to a large piece, such as a quilt.

This one measures 10″ x 10″ , is backed with a beautiful antique linen

and of course stuffed full of French Lavender from Provence.

I will be adding this one and a few more you my Etsy shop.

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Christmas Time Loves🎄

Posted December 8, 2016 By suzanne

I love Christmas time!

The unpacking of Christmas decorations, looking for the perfect tree ,

making gingerbread cookies and most of all, watching

my children’s excitement .

I collect vintage beaded and glass ornaments , but I also

am letting my children add to the collection with their wonderful

handmade ornaments and each year they each pick out a new

glass ornament that represents something they like.

The idea is to start their own collection for when they are adults.

Forming memories to share.

One of the things they like best (besides decorating the tree)

is the Christmas Advent calendar I made over 21 years ago

when my oldest was a baby.

The little felt ornaments have proven to be a fascination

for my kids. In fact, that is the first item they unpack each year.

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