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🍀Irish Linen

Posted December 30, 2016 By suzanne

While sorting through yet another box of vintage linens ( one of MANY), I came across a piece of vintage Irish Linen huck toweling.

I had forgotten all about this piece.  Unused and it perfect vintage condition .  They just don’t make toweling like this anymore.

I believe , that all of these beautiful textiles were meant to used, so I cut and sewed the edges to make three extra-large hand towels.

What I love the most about this particular piece -besides it being made from incredible Irish Linen which is super absorbent, is the shamrock motif that is woven into the weave.

I know I will thoroughly enjoy using these when I have company.

💦Here’s a fun fact that you may or may not know—washing your Cotton and Linen towels, whether new or vintage, with fabric softener (even dryer sheets) prevents them from doing their job —being absorbent.




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