Vintage Handwork

As I sat in my studio today working on new designs, I stopped for a bit to look at all the projects I have going currently.

As I have mentioned before, there is an almost unending supply of antique and vintage textiles filling all the crevices in my studio.

What I saw today is several examples of handwork.

Since I love so many types of textiles and handwork , I have a lovely collection to choose from.

I have been working with hand embroidered pieces with sweet little chickens and a really wonderful example of “chicken scratch “.

Most people know what embroidery is, but the art of hand embroidery is unfortunately being overwhelmed by machine embroidery.

“Chicken Scratch” is a simple country, almost primitive art form.

I remember my mother showing me how to embroider the “chicken scratch ” stitch onto a piece of gingham.

I much prefer beautiful Hand embroidery to machine embroidery.

Vintage crewel is another favorite.  While hand crewel textiles can be very expensive , there are several vintage designers that created a machine crewel for drapery and upholstery

Lee Jofa is one such designer and Jacobean is a very popular design.

 Here are some examples of the vintage hand needle and machine needle work I am working with.

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