Meeting Cool New People

I would describe myself as self contained— but most certainly NOT

shy.   I generally say hello first and I don’t have a problem introducing myself to strangers if they look interesting or I am curious about them.

I have met some really Great people this way!

I was able to add to my coin collection and gain an open invite to Russia by introducing myself to the table next to mine and my companions at  Mansur’s in Baton Rouge many yeas ago.

They were here on business, learning about the Aluminum Industry—Very Interesting!

One of many interesting self promoted introductions.

Which brings me to my story today.

There is a cute little old lady at my church….let me give her some better adjectives…….sassy , spunky, passionate.

I can add that last one because I have now had a conversation with this tiny Dynamo .  I have watched her for a while now,  come and go in her hip clothes and “with it” shoe collection.

And she is a force unto herself…I would guess that ,even now in his late 70’s early 80’s her husband (who is quiet and stands back and lets her shine) still counts himself a Very Lucky Duck indeed.

My conversation started with a hand shake and a smiling “Hello, my name is Suzanne, I just wanted to compliment you on your ensemble and tell you how fashion forward and spunky I think you are”

She was wearing a Kaffe Fassett sweater tunic/vest with red cropped boots. (Remember this is a sassy little old lady)

So the conversation was phenomenal .  She actually had a career in the knitting/garment industry, and has met Kaffe Fassett.  She gave me a quick  synopsis of his life and career.

For those who don’t know who he is check out 

He is a very talented artist who wasn’t successful early on , but discovered a way to express his art through yarn and thread .

I made a new friend who loves to knit and loves fashion as much as I do.  I just hope I am as tenacious and sassy as her when I hit my 70’s

Below is the Kaffe Fassett she was wearing.

She likes to purchase things from her friend’s shop

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