Grain Sacks and Buttons

Being a Couturier has brought me in contact with some pretty out-standing textiles.

I mean, I actually remember breaking out in a cold sweat and pacing back and forth

in my studio before cutting on a piece of 400.00 a yard silk.  No going back on that one.

But…the pattern draft was great and the mock up was great… I held my breath and

went for it.    The dress was beautiful!!

I have a different feeling when I am working with my antique and vintage textiles.

The nerves are still in play , but for and entirely different reason.

I am forever reminding myself of the history behind the weave.

Especially the narrow hand woven pieces.  These were generally made on table top looms at the end of the day  (evening entertainment )


Grain sacks–and quite a few I have purchased actually have had bits of grain still in them,  are more than just pretty striped bags with monograms.

They were the original reusable bag.  Each family had a weave pattern they liked and a stripe pattern/color specific  to them.  Monograms– well that is self explanatory .

I take the grain sacks and turn them into pillows, storage baskets, and various other useable and decorative lovelies and very often I add from my extensive collection of vintage mother of pearl buttons.  The contrast between the refined beauty of the buttons and the un-refined natural texture of the handwoven textiles is indeed captivating .

Below are some of my works in progress and some in my shop.

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